Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spontaneous Update...

I know I know I know, I've been slacking. I feel like I don't really have anything exciting to talk about, so I figure why waste our time. Here's an update for now:

Im looking for a job! In order to make a living doing massage, I need to be able to do 4-5 massages/day. Lupus/arthritis does not allow me to do more than about 3 without feeling completely crappy the next day. Plus, I just don't have the clientele here and lets face it, the economy being in the toilet doesn't help things. So I started applying for jobs before Thanksgiving. I've really hit it hard in the past few weeks and have 2.5 job interviews this week. Tomorrow I'm interviewing for an Admissions Rep position at Miller-Motte college, Thursday I'm interviewing for a receptionist position through a local staffing agency which I am extremely over-qualified for and will be underpaid as well. Tomorrow I also am scheduled to go and fill out an application for an office manager position. I don't know if it was just taking a long time for places to start looking at applications, or what. This week has been encouraging though. We can't afford much more unemployment. The massage business is pretty much a money pit.

In other news, Luke started his new job AND his LAST SEMESTER of grad school. I'm so proud of him. He's taking 2 classes online during the first 8 weeks of the semester, 2 more online during the second 8 weeks, plus one class on campus during the entire semester. In addition to working 20+ hours per week at the Church. And doing homework. And spending time with his wife. :) And did I mention he spent the first week in January at school doing an intensive? Its going to be a crazy semester, but what a relief when May 15 comes and Luke's done with school!

In other exciting news, I got into a rheumatologist at UVA. They have some doctors that specialize in lupus research, so I think it will be a great place to be. My appointment is on March 15.

Were looking forward to visits from family and friends this year! The Youngs will be here sometime in February, the Leonards are coming in March, and Luke's dad is planning a trip out here as well. Vicki and Barry are even talking about coming for graduation. Let us know if you'd like to visit! We love to have company! Especially since we miss you all very much!