Thursday, May 28, 2009

Archie Picks Veronica???

Oh My Gosh. I had to blog about this. I saw an article on Archie (of Archie Comics) and how he finally asks Veronica to marry him in the September Issue. I have been reading Archie, and Betty & Veronica, and all the versions of the comic since I was a kid. And it was old then. In the article it says the Archie-Veronica-Betty love triangle has been going for 68 years. CrAzY! But anyways, Archie finally asks Veronica to marry him. I always wanted him to pick Betty! But like one reader said, Betty's too good for him. And we all know that with the love triangle going on as long as it has, this probably won't be the end. Im sure he'll do something to mess it up.

New Set of Wheels

The suby is gone (drama! but thats another story), we decided to keep the truck, and this is my new set of wheels. Being the short person I am, I managed to get a kids bike. But it fits. And its pink. And now I ride the .9 miles to and from work twice a day. I'll be in shape in no time!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Bozeman has finally gotten rid of the snow (at least we hope) and I'm pretty sure we bypassed spring to go directly into summer. Its 88 degrees in Bozeman today. Yesterday it was that hot too. It seems like all the dandylions in town sprung up overnight (literally hundreds - some yards are yellow), and it even smells like summer. We have the windows open and its just soo nice out. I even turned on the A/C at work today.

In other news, Im selling my car. Were trying to downsize and take only one vehicle to Virginia, so we're selling the subaru and trying to sell the truck so that we can get a Honda Ridgeline. We test drove one last week and it was amazing. I was totally skeptical going in but I loved it. We went to the dealership on Saturday and they said they'd only give me $2500 for my car (I practically laughed out loud), so we put it on Craig's list saturday afternoon and had 5 calls by Sunday night. We sold it to a nice man last night for his teenage daughter for $4900. Im a little sad that I will be car-less, but I know shes going to a great home. Luke is now addicted to Craigs List and searching the house for more stuff to sell. (That whole downsizing our apartment into a U-Haul truck has us cleaning out like crazy.)

Don't Forget: AOII Garage Sale Saturday, May 30th, from 8-2. It is a MUST ATTEND for any female over the age of 10. I score great clothes even when I just go through them at the end. Last year a junior high girl got an entire wardrobe for under $20. Literally bags and bags of clothes.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quilting UFOs are now FO's

Remember like eons ago when I was working on a quilt for baby Caleb? Well, I finally finished sewing on the borders (took my like .2 minutes - I am such a slacker). Here are two pics - the total quilt shot and the closeup shot.

I used my phone camera, which is why it is fuzzy. I'll take a real picture with a real camera when its finished.
Im going to have it professionally quilted so that it actually looks nice. I strongly dislike doing the quilting by myself. Its kind of hard and takes forever and I am not patient enough to do anything but "stitch in the ditch." Anyways, I got my inspiration from here: . I heart quilting blogs!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Broken Toe

I broke my toe a few weeks ago. (insert laugh) I stubbed it really really hard on the couch leg at Okey's house.(insert laugh) I told Luke that I broke it and he didn't believe me because I have a small habit of telling him I broke whatever body part I hurt. For example: If I whack my elbow on a table or door jam or something else hard I will say "ow, luke I think I broke my elbow." Im always fine of course, but for some reason this behavior goes right along with the story of the boy who cried wolf. So anyways, luke did not believe me and I was laughing hysterically. I told him to call my mom and ask her about the time I broke my toe and told her I broke it and she didn't believe me and didn't believe me until she took me to the doctor and learned that I actually broke it. Trust me, I know what a broken toe feels like. Luckily, this was my baby toe instead of my big toe, so it hurt a little less. And it was insanely funny at the time. Fast forward two and a half weeks. My fricken foot still hurts!!! Saturday it hurt like crazy after we walked all over campus for graduation. I limped to Mark's new car and whined about my foot the whole way. :) Im really good at that. So today I am stranded at work for lunch because my suby is dead and Luke had a meeting. He suggested that I walk home, which would be a good idea. Exercise would be good for me. But I know if I walk the 2.5 miles roundtrip, my foot is going to hurt like crazy. And its already bugging me enough today. Just walking to Albertsons made it hurt (Point of reference - Albertsons is like less than 2 blocks away). I hope my foot feels better soon!

Engineering Graduate

Well, the day finally came. My brother, Scott, graduated from MSU with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Its so exciting. He may have taken longer to finish school than I did, but he has a much more useful degree, and did a lot more (ASMSU Vice president, anyone?), and had a lot more fun. I'm soo proud of him! In honor of his graduation (and cousin Michaels) we had a big family dinner at Weebees on Friday night out on their deck. For those of you that are in Bozeman, you may remember the lovely weather we had Friday night. Like crazy rain, hail, etc. Yes, we were outside during it. My back was wet from rain adn there was hail flying into my coffee before we were able to go inside. But it was a wonderful party. And we had a special cake for the occassion.

Work In Progress = Throughput x Flow time. I dont' know what that means, but its called Little's Law. Google it.

Saturday was the actual graduation ceremony. Scott has done such a good job in school and is so passionate about engineering. We went to his engineering fair a few weeks ago where he showed off his project that streamlined the ER department at the hospital. (Wow!!). And He is leaving next week for Worcester, MAss ("Wusta" as the locals say) for a Co-Op position at some fancy schmancy steel production something or another plant. It will be so weird that he won't be around, but when we move we'll only be a trainride away.

Were still alive!

I know, I know, Its been a looongggg time since I've blogged. I wanted to tell everyone about our amazing trip to Lynchburg, but I wanted to include pictures and I never remember to download them, etc etc so I just kind of didn't get anything written. I will try to catch up with everything...

Lynchburg, VA- We love Lynchburg. Its so beautiful there and it feels homey. Like for example, I wasn't freaked out about being mugged by scary people like I was when we were stranded in Atlanta. We looked at lots of houses but have not made a decision yet. Our realtor is amazing. She met with us twice while we were there. Were still looking at stuff online, but its hard to tell from pictures. We might have to go out for one more weekend to look again.

Liberty U- The campus is ginormous and gorgeous. Everyone was really friendly and they pulled out all the stops. Plus, the new bookstore opened while we were there. Its a Barnes & Noble with a clothing section and regular books and a little cafe with food and drinks, then all the school books and school supplies are downstairs. We went on a sunday afternoon and they had live music at an open mike. Luke got to meet the 2nd in command of his department and he was super nice and very helpful. He gave luke his cell phone number and told us that if we needed anything we should call, and if I needed anything I could call his wife. (!)

Tourism- We went to Appomattox, Roanoke, Monticello, and just kind of drove around and checked things out. We like the area a lot. One thing was weird though. In Montana we have little coffee kiosk stands on every corner and in Virginia we didn't see any. (?!?) What? Weird. Just a few starbucks and a local coffee shop. This is so weird to me. Probably because Bozeman is like the coffee drinking capital of the world.

Job - I have a really good lead on a job doing full-time massage at a local clinic. I have talked to the owner several times and it sounds really promising. I still need to meet her and give her a massage, but things are looking good. :) They have a great reputation and are really busy. Luke hasn't heard anything on internships, but we should know sometime this summer.