Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quilting UFOs are now FO's

Remember like eons ago when I was working on a quilt for baby Caleb? Well, I finally finished sewing on the borders (took my like .2 minutes - I am such a slacker). Here are two pics - the total quilt shot and the closeup shot.

I used my phone camera, which is why it is fuzzy. I'll take a real picture with a real camera when its finished.
Im going to have it professionally quilted so that it actually looks nice. I strongly dislike doing the quilting by myself. Its kind of hard and takes forever and I am not patient enough to do anything but "stitch in the ditch." Anyways, I got my inspiration from here: . I heart quilting blogs!!

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Sam, Jules and Tucker said...

Cute Kels! I'm impressed!!