Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Bozeman has finally gotten rid of the snow (at least we hope) and I'm pretty sure we bypassed spring to go directly into summer. Its 88 degrees in Bozeman today. Yesterday it was that hot too. It seems like all the dandylions in town sprung up overnight (literally hundreds - some yards are yellow), and it even smells like summer. We have the windows open and its just soo nice out. I even turned on the A/C at work today.

In other news, Im selling my car. Were trying to downsize and take only one vehicle to Virginia, so we're selling the subaru and trying to sell the truck so that we can get a Honda Ridgeline. We test drove one last week and it was amazing. I was totally skeptical going in but I loved it. We went to the dealership on Saturday and they said they'd only give me $2500 for my car (I practically laughed out loud), so we put it on Craig's list saturday afternoon and had 5 calls by Sunday night. We sold it to a nice man last night for his teenage daughter for $4900. Im a little sad that I will be car-less, but I know shes going to a great home. Luke is now addicted to Craigs List and searching the house for more stuff to sell. (That whole downsizing our apartment into a U-Haul truck has us cleaning out like crazy.)

Don't Forget: AOII Garage Sale Saturday, May 30th, from 8-2. It is a MUST ATTEND for any female over the age of 10. I score great clothes even when I just go through them at the end. Last year a junior high girl got an entire wardrobe for under $20. Literally bags and bags of clothes.

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