Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Engineering Graduate

Well, the day finally came. My brother, Scott, graduated from MSU with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Its so exciting. He may have taken longer to finish school than I did, but he has a much more useful degree, and did a lot more (ASMSU Vice president, anyone?), and had a lot more fun. I'm soo proud of him! In honor of his graduation (and cousin Michaels) we had a big family dinner at Weebees on Friday night out on their deck. For those of you that are in Bozeman, you may remember the lovely weather we had Friday night. Like crazy rain, hail, etc. Yes, we were outside during it. My back was wet from rain adn there was hail flying into my coffee before we were able to go inside. But it was a wonderful party. And we had a special cake for the occassion.

Work In Progress = Throughput x Flow time. I dont' know what that means, but its called Little's Law. Google it.

Saturday was the actual graduation ceremony. Scott has done such a good job in school and is so passionate about engineering. We went to his engineering fair a few weeks ago where he showed off his project that streamlined the ER department at the hospital. (Wow!!). And He is leaving next week for Worcester, MAss ("Wusta" as the locals say) for a Co-Op position at some fancy schmancy steel production something or another plant. It will be so weird that he won't be around, but when we move we'll only be a trainride away.

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Tegan Molloy said...

Wish I could've been there! Cake is hilarious--he didn't tell me about it!