Saturday, December 3, 2011

J's 9 month update

Jackson had his 9 month appointment last week. He is 18 lbs, 6 oz. (15%) He is 28 inches long (30%) and his head circumference is in the 85%. Does that mean he'll be super smart? He already is. He is pretty much skipping the crawling. He kind of pulls himself with his arms while his legs are straight. He loves to stand and walk along the furniture. He can go from couch to couch to chair to tv stand, where he gets in trouble. All those blinking lights just call to him. And lately he just wants to hold onto your fingers and walk. Hes getting more explorative. The living room is boring. Now he wants to walk over by the door and around the kitchen and down the stairs etc. etc. etc. He is so fun, too. He is giggling and laughing and smiling. Yesterday I was feeding him and he was making a funny face so I asked him if he was poopin. He thought "poop" was soo funny. (he's such a boy!!) So I kept saying poop and he kept laughing hysterically. I took a video on my phone, and I'll try to upload it at some point. We just love him! Hes growing up so fast!

Starting to look like MOMMY!

Everyone says Jackson looks "Just" like Luke. All the time.
But I think he's starting to look like an Eggensperger.
Pictures of me as a baby for comparison....
They're the only ones I have...straight from my baby book.
But seriously, no matter who he looks like, hes still the cutest baby ever! And he's growing up sooo fast!

Thanksgiving 2011

Here's our little turkey for his first thanksgiving! He tried turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, rolls, and maybe some stuffing and liked it all! He is such a good eater, especially if you say positive, encouraging things like yum while hes eating. (OMG I'm actually using my psych degree!!) Bob tried to feed him rice cereal and made a face so Jackson didn't want to eat it. It also helps if you sing and make funny noises too.
Here he is playing with Grandpa B.
And here are me and Vicki. I saw a craft on where they painted these cute little houses to make a village. We decided to make birdhouse villages. They didn't quite turn out like the pictures online, but they looked pretty good for two non-artists.

Halloween 2011

We have been soo blessed with hand-me-downs for Jackson. Amazingly enough, there was a halloween costume that fit him perfectly! He is a dinosaur. Or dragon. I'm not really sure, although I'm kind of leaning towards dragon. He was sooo cute! Our church had a harvest party and I dressed like Jem (the 80s cartoon...Jem and the Rockers...), and Luke was a hill billy. Our life group had a "Redneck Horseshoes" booth where you threw toilet seats at giant plungers. Almost everyone dressed like hillbillies. Luke looked quite exceptional. I wish I had a picture!! :( Of course, I made both of our costumes. Nothin like throwing it together at the last minute.