Monday, April 6, 2009

Economic Indicators UP

People are talking about the economy all the time. Markets down, losing jobs, etc. etc. Well, here in Frazierville, the economic indicators show that the market is UP. What indicators, might you ask? Why, Massage, of course!!! Since the crappy market, Impressions massage has been doing one massage a week. However, in the last month, business has doubled. This week, I have three clients scheduled in 2 days, and am trying to reschedule a fourth for Wednesday. AND, someone is thinking about scheduling for Friday. I am super excited about all the work. Who knows, I might actually make some money!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rodeo baby! woot woot!

So, waaayyy back in October we bought a 6 ticket, 6 hat Rodeo combo pack at the Head Start fundraising banquet. And tonight is the big night. At the auction, I was bidding against Christel's mom and I finally won, so we invited Christel, Kevin, Mary & Dave to come with us. I'm so excited! I LOVE the rodeo. Luke, not so much. I think this is probably the one and only time I'll ever get him to go with me. It should be fun though!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Green Quilt

Im going green! (In more ways than one). Here's a teaser of the quilt I'm making for Caleb. Its green in color, and green in the sense of recycled. This is kind of random, but Im on a 'use all my old fabric' kick and so I used this green fabric that my brother Mark had given me. It was a toga that he wore to a Pike Toga Party. And the black w/ wild colored jungle animals was from the back of a quilt that he made a long time ago. My brothers will probably kill me for this, but one year we all went to Quilt Camp (4-H). And we all made quilts. Mark's was every bright crazy color imaginable in every crazy pattern imaginable. But it turned out really cool. And Scott's was fishing themed. Mine was boring in comparison. It was green and black and tanish/creamish colored. Im trying to remember what year it was. I think it was 1996 or 1997. I was 14 or 15, Scott was 11 or 12, and mark was 9 or 10. I think my mom even came. She can't sew to save her life, but she can seamrip with the best of them!