Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun Weekend with the Fam.

This weekend my parents were in town for the last home game for bobcat football. They stayed on Friday night and we went out to dinner with my parents and my brothers. We had a blast. It was just a lot of fun. Everyone was on their best behavior and we were telling stories and just having fun. It was really nice. Then we hung out at our house for awhile and scott and mark left. Were all goign to be together at christmas too, so that will be fun.

On Saturday morning my parents and luke and I had breakfast with bob. That was nice too. My dad and bob razzed eachother about their bobcat/grizzly rivalry. And talked football. Of course.

I spent all day yesterday studying for my big test. I took almost 20 practice tests. I am consistently getting in the 70s & 80s percentile-wise. I need a 70% to pass. On saturday night I was sooo stressed about my test, but after all my studying yesterday I feel much better about it. Phew! The test is coming up in like 9 days. yikes!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where's Rachel Ray when we need her?

It has been about a week since Luke got his wisdom teeth pulled. Unfortunately, things aren't going so well. He is still in pain and still can't eat normal food. Were still constrained to smooth foods and those that fall into the non-chewing category. This includes soup, mac-n-cheese, yogurt, applesauce, ice cream, etc. This making dinner thing is getting to be difficult. Were getting tired of mac-n-cheese and soup. And really, tomato soup just isn't the same without grilled cheese sandwiches, which require the use of teeth. Plus, we need protein. Last night Luke wanted sweet potato casserole, so I made it. Something wasn't quite right, but it was still good. I don't think potatoes are my forte, though. And chicken is pretty much out of the question, as is ham, steak, etc. We did manage some ground beef/tomato/mac-n-cheese concoction the other day. Help! Im running out of ideas. When I got my wisdom teeth out I was eating real food within a week I think. I wish there was some way I could make grilled cheese tomato soup. Like the grilled cheese part was part of the soup. I'll have to see if I can figure that out. And poor luke, all he wants is a steak!

Monday, November 10, 2008

luke's lack of teeth

Last wednesday Luke got his wisdom teeth out. He got the two top teeth out. One of them had three roots in it. Hes been doing pretty well, but hes still in pain and really tired. Its been hard for him to just lay around. Thats so the opposite of him. Me, on the other hand, would be fine with a week of laying on the couch. I'd watch lots of movies and read books and stuff. Luke was stir crazy after about a day. Luckily, its been slow for him at work lately so its not too big of a deal for him to be gone.

I have been studying like crazy for my test. I joined a website called For $49 I have access to all their practice tests for a month. It has been a huge help. Best $49 I've spent. There are practice tests for the different sections and body systems, plus actual NCBTM tests that are timed so that I can practice. I did a practice test yesterday and got a 75% I think. You have to have a 70% to pass, so things are looking good. Plus, I told myself no quilting or beading or reading new books until Im done with my test, so thats some motivation to study. I have two weeks left of studying. Its going well, but I still have lots to do.

Monday, November 3, 2008

halloween weekend

We had a great weekend. Our church put on a harvest carnival on Friday night. Lots of games, lots of candy, and lots of fun. I did face painting ALL NIGHT. I swear, the 4 hours we were there felt like 10 minutes. It was just constant face painting. I got really good at drawing dinosaurs. My favorite was drawing on Colby. He wanted a mustache & goatee for his knight costume, then he wanted a bumble bee, then a heart, but I drew lips on his face and put my initials, then he wanted a pink nose like the mouse. I was running out of room on his little face! Luke took some pictures so hopefully I can post some good ones. I dressed like a ballerina, all thrown together for a whopping $0. I know you're all asking, wait, you had a tutu at your house??? I took some leftover tulle from the wedding, folded it in half, threaded my belt through it, so it was like a long puffy tulle skirt. They I had my hair in a bun and tights and ballet flats and stuff. I looked like a dork but it was kind of fun. Except people (read: old guys) kept calling me tinkerbell. Last time I checked, Tink wore green, not black and white, and she had wings. Pretty sure I didn't have wings. Oh well, nice try I guess.

Im also studying like mad for my NCBTM exam. Its on 11/26/08. Thats in 23 days.