Monday, November 10, 2008

luke's lack of teeth

Last wednesday Luke got his wisdom teeth out. He got the two top teeth out. One of them had three roots in it. Hes been doing pretty well, but hes still in pain and really tired. Its been hard for him to just lay around. Thats so the opposite of him. Me, on the other hand, would be fine with a week of laying on the couch. I'd watch lots of movies and read books and stuff. Luke was stir crazy after about a day. Luckily, its been slow for him at work lately so its not too big of a deal for him to be gone.

I have been studying like crazy for my test. I joined a website called For $49 I have access to all their practice tests for a month. It has been a huge help. Best $49 I've spent. There are practice tests for the different sections and body systems, plus actual NCBTM tests that are timed so that I can practice. I did a practice test yesterday and got a 75% I think. You have to have a 70% to pass, so things are looking good. Plus, I told myself no quilting or beading or reading new books until Im done with my test, so thats some motivation to study. I have two weeks left of studying. Its going well, but I still have lots to do.

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