Monday, November 3, 2008

halloween weekend

We had a great weekend. Our church put on a harvest carnival on Friday night. Lots of games, lots of candy, and lots of fun. I did face painting ALL NIGHT. I swear, the 4 hours we were there felt like 10 minutes. It was just constant face painting. I got really good at drawing dinosaurs. My favorite was drawing on Colby. He wanted a mustache & goatee for his knight costume, then he wanted a bumble bee, then a heart, but I drew lips on his face and put my initials, then he wanted a pink nose like the mouse. I was running out of room on his little face! Luke took some pictures so hopefully I can post some good ones. I dressed like a ballerina, all thrown together for a whopping $0. I know you're all asking, wait, you had a tutu at your house??? I took some leftover tulle from the wedding, folded it in half, threaded my belt through it, so it was like a long puffy tulle skirt. They I had my hair in a bun and tights and ballet flats and stuff. I looked like a dork but it was kind of fun. Except people (read: old guys) kept calling me tinkerbell. Last time I checked, Tink wore green, not black and white, and she had wings. Pretty sure I didn't have wings. Oh well, nice try I guess.

Im also studying like mad for my NCBTM exam. Its on 11/26/08. Thats in 23 days.

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