Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I have always loved Halloween. Mostly just because I always loved playing dress up. Plus, you cant go wrong with chocolate. Heres a list of my previous halloween costumes: pumpkin [4 or 5?], Miss Thompson Falls (complete with a pipe cleaner & bead tiara, and a fabric sash with Miss Thompson Falls written on it with a blue magic marker) [several years in like 1st grade through 3rd grade, plus last year], a 50s girl with a broken leg [4th grade], a skiier (it was really cold that year)[5th grade?], a cavewoman dragging a deadbeat caveman husband [5th grade?], a mime [6th grade?], a woman in a bathrobe with face cream on and a towel on her head[?], a siamese twin with Joanne [high school?], pippi longstockings [high school?], a bee [18 & 19], tinkerbell [22], jem [25], a cowgirl [25? 24?],and this year I've been debating. I've thought of: a pirate, a pumpkin, a candy corn, sarah palin, and this morning in the shower I decided I could make a ballerina costume pretty easily. I'll only need to get some white tights and a few feathers for my hair.

When I was little, my dad and his friend Larry always used to pile all of us kids: me, scott, mark, jessica, emily, greg, and mike into the back of the truck or the van and drive us around town to trick or treat at people's houses we knew. One year they dressed up like gorillas and would trick their friends. It was pretty fun. And we used to always have halloween parties for 4-H. They were so much fun. Costume contests, pinatas, games, marshmallow-caramel-rice krispie yummies... And I remember my brothers making elaborate lego contraptions for organizing and housing all their candy.

Happy Halloween! Be safe!

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