Thursday, October 30, 2008


There is a lot of studying going on at our house. Luke started a new class not too long ago, and I am studying to take my NCBTM exam. For all those who dont' know the acronym, its my national massage exam, that I have been avoiding taking for like a year. But the time is now. I started studying this summer and then life happened and it got pushed to the side. And now I really need to do it since I graduated almost a year ago. So the plan is to take it on 11/26 (wednesday). We'll drive to helena, I'll take my test and luke will find a coffee shop, and then we'll continue on to kalispell for thanksgiving. So Ive been diligently going through my anatomy coloring book, and the past two days I've taken my "trail guide to the body" (an anatomy book) to the gym with me and got some studying done while I do cardio. Its good to review all that stuff. I seem to be learning, and remembering lots. Besides, I told myself no sewing/quilting until I take my test. And I have several projects in my head that I want to make. Some for christmas, some for all my friends who are having babies!

Wish me luck!

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