Thursday, October 23, 2008


So, last weekend we bought a $4 puzzle at target. And its pretty much consuming my free time at home. I dont know why, Im just really addicted to it. And its taking awhile, because its kind of complex, and it has 1000 pieces. You can see how far I've gotten since Sunday night. And I still have sky and water and trees. Its going to take me some more time. The funny part is that it was luke's idea and he hasnt' done any of it yet. oh well, to each his own.

Tonight we have an awards ceremony to attend. Luke's company is getting a Bozeman Beautification award for the Snowload building they built. It should be an adventure. Luke's boss' wife said if she had to go then I had to go. Great, thanks Michelle! It's at the library, so I guess if it gets too boring we can go look at books.

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