Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oy with the weather already!

Today is October 1st. And it is supposed to be 70+ degrees today. Whats up with that? October = Fall, my favorite season. The leaves are turning yellow but people are still dressing for summer. Thats not right. Last year at this time it was already snowing and raining. I dont want to be a whiner, but I'd love some fall weather. Break out the sweaters, go for a walk in the crisp air, enjoy the leaves turning red and gold, apple cider, pumpkins, harvest... Bozeman is beautiful in the fall because of all the deciduous trees. Thompson Falls is full of pine trees, so its not as pretty. We used to make my parents take us to the Power Park to enjoy leaves (and jumping in them. My parents must have thought we were crazy - lets go rake leaves for someone else!)Its been so warm that my tomatoes are (finally) growing like weeds! We still have the A/C on at work. This year has been so strange. Winter though June, the summer through september and into october. Hopefully the seasons will straighten out in the next few days and I can break out the fall wardrobe.

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