Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy Bees~

We have been crazy busy! If its not one thing, its two! Last friday I got up at 4 oclock to go to Townsend with my boss (we had to be there for a meeting at 7) then we were back in Bozeman by 9:15. Luckily, Friday's are a half day. Then we had dinner with some friends Friday night, and babysat our friend Colby (4) all day saturday and Sunday morning. Taking care of a kid is fun, but its a lot of work. We had to be constantly thinking of things for him to do and how to entertain him while we cleaned and ran errands. As you might guess, we don't have a lot of toys at our house. We have two kids movies, a few stuffed animals, and some play-dough. Thats about it. And we didn't have much food either, so lunch at mcdonalds was a must. Luckily, he got a little car in his happy meal, and we went to the one on 7th so he could play. The car kept him busy. As did looking at toys at Target. But we took him to the $ store so he could pick out a toy. And since he's a boy, he picked out a gun, which shot little ping pong balls. He had fun shooting them at my dad, and then wrestling with my dad. He'll be a good grandpa. Someday. Not anytime soon. Unless Scott & Mark surprise us. ;)

I have some pictures from the weekend, but I need to download them. I'll try to do that soon.

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