Monday, March 29, 2010

Deadline: check!

Confession: I have a dream of being a children's book author. I LOVED to read when I was a kid. The baby-sitters club series was my favorite. I finished my first book about a princess that's really wants to be a pirate and stows away on her uncle's pirate ship (with her faithful sidekick cat, Rico) and ends up saving the day. Luke made me set a deadline to submit it to be published because I was procrastinating. I set it for April 1. Last week I submitted a query letter to a childrens lit agency and they asked to see my work. I sent off my manuscript yesterday. I should hear in about a week if they want to sell it to a publisher. I know that its hard to publish a book and it can take tens of submissions before and if you get a contract. But I am hopeful that God will bless me with success. I have a wild imagination and the ability to make up stories on the spot. I would like to be able to share my stories with children everywhere. And support myself so that I can work from home.

In other news... Were super homesick!!!
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