Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meeting the grandparents...

After the little man was born Luke headed off with him to the nursery to get weighed and measured and whatnot. The grandparents got to see through the glass and they found out he was a boy but Luke made them wait to find out the name from me. Unfortunately for them, they had to wait like 2.5 hours. After almost an hour in recovery, nursing for the first time, and the debacle to get me set up with IV's and stuff, they were finally able to come in and meet him. It was amazing to watch. There was just so much awe and love and pride pouring from them...

Grandpa Tom & Jackson
My dad is always the one behind the camera, so its pretty much a miracle to have a picture of him.

Grandma Vicki & Jackson

Grandma Bina & Jackson. She cried. I love this picture.

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