Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pre-school Day 1

I have never been one of those moms that was gung-ho for homeschooling. I respect the moms who choose to do that, but I believe that we train teachers for that specific purpose so I should let them do their job. Plus, I feel like I am not qualified to teach some upper subjects. And really, what about art and music and PE and school plays and dances? All things that should be encouraged. I had a great art teacher growing up and I know I could not come up with all the great lessons he did. I'd be like "lets do something with fabric!" or "heres a piece of paper and some markers!." And music? Umm, no thanks. Not musical. So, it is quite interesting that I am homeschooling my pre-schooler. I chose to do this for a number of reasons: 1) He refuses to be potty trained. seriously. Zero interest. 2) The cost (are you kidding me?) and the monthly toy cleaning nights. No thank you. and 3) We moved here late so a lot of good programs were already taken. But our biggest drawback is potty training. Im not too worried because Jackson used to go to day care and got some social interaction there and he goes to Sunday School at our church, so he gets the social/school situation still. And, as Luke likes to remind me, he didn't go to preschool and he turned out just fine. More than fine actually! Today was our first day of homeschool! More like me asking Jackson if he wanted to play school. I bought a Pre-K readiness book with reading prep, math, and writing workbooks that we are using. Our first lessons were drawing lines, which he tired of quite quickly. But, how can he learn to write letters if he can't draw lines? His favorite was the "up, down, up, down" motion. We also work on letters as they come up. "What letter makes the mmmmm sound?" He knows that Jackson starts with J and Mommy with M and Daddy with D. He also knows the first letters of all his Ninja Turtles. Very important, right? He can spell his name sometimes, but we are working on it.
Mom! Don't take my picture! "Up, down, up, down..." In other news, the bambino is the size of an avocado and doing well! We find out the sex in a few weeks.

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