Monday, September 1, 2014

We have a pickle! Or Gerbil! Or 2 snowballs! Or an avocado!

There are about five bazillion websites that will tell you anything and everything about having a baby. Even the size of the baby by weeks varies immensely. One website says avocado. 
My app (Ovia pregnancy) said I had an avocado last week. This week it says dill pickle. 
This one throws me the most. Pickles vary in size so much! I see the dill pickles in our fridge and I'm like they are way smaller than an avocado. Then you have the Pickle Barrel deli pickles which are about the size of your arm. Another website measures baby against junk food, rather than fruits and veggies. They said 16 weeks is a package of snowballs. 
Side note: snowballs will always remind me of cake decorating with Alli and Celeste. Bahaha!!! 
Another website said baby is the size of a small gerbil. 
So there you go. And I still don't have any idea about the size. Snowballs seem the biggest so I'll go for that. However, tomorrow I'm 17 weeks and that will be another new crazy example. 

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