Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Changes!

Guess what?! I am gainfully employed. woo hoo! The massage thing wasn't working out based on the fact that a) the economy downturn means more people are giving up the leisure activities such as massage, and b) arthritis does not allow me to comfortably and without pain do the amount of massages needed to make money. So now I am working as a temp-to-hire receptionist/admin asst. at Parker Integrated Sealing Systems ( I'm definitely over qualified, but its a job, with a steady paycheck, and the promise of benefits upon hire. yay! What more could a girl ask for? Today is day 3. And a little slow. But thats okay.

The weather in Virginia has been very Montana-like. We've had three big snow storms, plus its been cold. When there is snow they close down schools and government and churches and Luke and I just laugh. I don't ever remember a snow day growing up, and these kids got all of last week off of school because it snowed on the weekends and a country road may not be plowed for a bus to get down it, so they close the schools. Its craziness. Plus, luke's school has had a 2 hour delay the past two days because of the promise of snow. Not even blizzarding, just snow. But, I will say, the snow days have allowed me to get a lot of quilting in! I spent most of Friday and Saturday sewing and watching Gilmore Girls on dvd. It was pretty much awesome!

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