Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pics 10.15.11

Our little man was in the hospital! He was breathing funny one night after crying really hard and throwing up everything he had eaten, so we took him to the ER. The respiratory therapist made sure we checked into the hospital and they kept us there from Sunday night til Thursday midday. Our best diagnosis was viral. He just had a respiratory thing going on and we had to wait until his oxygen was up on his own before we could go home. They tested for RSV, Flu, etc. etc. but nothing was positive. It was a long week for baby, Mommy, & Daddy, but we survived and he is doing much better. Still a little tired and fighting off whatever, but doing great.
We have a little blow up tub for Jackson. It is perfect. Its just the right size so that he can sit up and Im not worried about him falling over. Plus, the back of the duck is slanted so that he can lean back while I wash his hair. And if you squeeze the beak the duck quacks
Speaking of ducks, how cute is this kid in his little duck jacket?

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