Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New House, New Life!

SO much is going on in Frazierville! Not only do we have a very smart, curious, "busy" two year old, we just bought a house! The house is a 3 bedroom home on the east side of Dillon (the "right" side of the tracks). Its a little bit older, which results in a charming telephone & telephone book alcove shelf thing, and a light pink shower. We are super excited about it. There is actually a backyard for Jackson to play in! He's already spent hours outside playing in the kiddie pool and on the deck. I'll post pics when we're all moved in. Right now were still living out of boxes. We had almost 20 people help us move, which was a huge blessing. Now I just need to get to work unpacking! Jackson has had a great summer so far. He spent a week with Bob, a weekend with Vicki, and is currently with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Bina, terrorizing the Ledger. He just finished swim lessons and had a regular baby-sitter for part of the summer while I worked at the United Way. She leaves for college in two weeks, so he'll be the Assistand Director at the United Way until the new day care opens. The other BIG news around here is that Jackson's going to be a big brother! Baby Frazier #2 is due in February. Ive been sick, but not as sick as I was with Jackson. Luke is busy with work. He launched a new software and taught everyone how to use it. He hasn't been feeling well lately, so prayers are appreciated.

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