Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome to Dillon, MT!

Dillon? What the heck? Yes, we moved to Dillon. Luke just got a great job at Great Harvest Franchising Office. Basically the home office for Great Harvest Bread. He is a Technology Specialist and in charge of implementing a new software across the 220 franchisees and home office employees, plus help the franchisees with their websites. One of the perks of his job is free bread. The other perk is that they pay for most of our membership at the YMCA! I think this goes quite well together, because lets face it, carbs are not a bff to the waistline. Also, the cinnamon chip bread is pretty irresistible, in my opinion. I am loving the Y! They have child watch from 9-11:30 am so that I can exercise and Jackson is being cared for. I met with a trainer, and they gave me a "program" and they measure you after you've done it 12 times to see your progress before getting you a new program. We have signed Jackson up for swimming lessons next month, too. Holy sore is all I can say! This weekend Uncle Shock stopped by to visit. He was picking up Grandma and Grandpa's old care to drive back to Los Angelos, making a pit stop in Boise. Lucky for us we got to be on the itinerary. Here are some pics of Jackson and Uncle Shock. Uncle Shock buys fake mustaches in bulk and enjoys the entertainment of it. They tried mustaches, unibrows, even Elmo and Mickey sported mustaches. Jackson loved it! He followed Scott around like a puppy. "Uncle Shock!" "Uncle Shock!" to which Scott replied "Uncle Jackson!" Jackson is growing up so fast! Hard to believe he's already 2! Hes talking up a storm, repeating everything, and just into everything. Keeps me on my toes! We just love him to pieces!

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