Sunday, June 5, 2011

Coupon Kelsie...

So my new obsession is couponing. That Sunday paper arrives on our doorstep and I can hardly wait to rip off the rubber band and savor the coupons to see what kind of wonderful deals I can get. I watched "Extreme Couponing" on TLC and it was totally inspiring. I don't see the need to stock up on a bazillion items that I won't use, but I see the need to watch my budget and save money for my family (especially since being a mom pays in smiles and love instead of $$$). Last week I bought 3 bottles of barbeque sauce for 37 cents. Total. Thats like 12 cents a bottle. YAHTZEE! I've learned some lessons in my short coupon career:
1) Cut out all the coupons, if its anything you might need, and save them.
2) Get a jump on really really good deals at stores. Like 50 cent brownie mix, and free after catalinas. Catalinas are the coupons that stores print out with the receipts to use on your next shopping trip. A few weeks ago I waited until Saturday to get my "free" contact solution and it was all gone. The pharmacy stores will give you catalinas that are useful for your next purchase. Or you could use them to purchase a boatload of the same product for your stockpile.
3) Utilize double coupons. Albertson's puts double coupon coupons in their Sunday insert, which will double any coupon up to a dollar. Thats how I got my 12 cent BBQ sauce.
4) Start paying attention to sales and prices so you know what a good deal is.

Have fun clipping!!!

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Julie said...

that's awesome! I could take better advantages of those coupons for sure. Sounds fun!