Tuesday, June 7, 2011

F90XC: Day 2 & 3

Yesterday was day 2. We went on a spur of the moment hike up Pattee Canyon. We were both wearing sandals and encountered a LOT of mud on the trail. Try pushing a stroller up hill through mud. Its a workout. Seriously. Add in flip flops and its crazy hard. My legs were burning last night. Today we helped a lady from church move furniture and I did some weight bearing exercises.

In other news Jackson is being super difficult when it comes to going to sleep. He is super tired but doesn't want to go to sleep by himself. And if you let him cry he just gets mad and madder and screams which almost makes you cry because it sounds like somebody is sawing his arm off or something. Sigh! Were trying the vibrate setting on his bed and hes been quiet so maybe it will do the trick. yay! Maybe I'll actually get some sleep tonight instead of getting up every few hours.

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