Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christms 2011: Part 1

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!!! It was a houseful - my parents, my brothers, Luke's mom & Barry, Luke's dad (of course!), and us. Luke even preached two Christmas Eve services at the church. I don't think Jackson truly knew what was going on, but he had fun playing with everyone and everything. He especially liked doing laps with Scott with his little walking cart.
As you can see he got lots of new toys but enjoyed the non-toys too!
And what Eggensperger Family gathering would be complete without craziness from Mark & Scott?
Every little boy needs a collection of Dinosaurs. This one is a Deinonychus. We saw it on Dinosaur Train a few weeks before Christmas. (I gotta start learning my dinosaur names!!) It is known for its "terrible claw" that is on its foot.
And the token family picture in front of the tree. We took like ten pictures and this was the best one. Jackson is apparently allergic to pineapple....it gave him a rash around his mouth, but he really liked it.
And our special gift to Bob - a Quilt! This pattern is called Bear Paw. I thought it was fitting since Bob is a (gulp!) Griz Fan.

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