Friday, February 20, 2009

Accounting 101

All of the sudden I'm all about the number crunching. I was making a spreadsheet of my massage business activities for 2008 and I had a blast. It was very simple - column for event, column for expense, column for income. But it was fun! Im such a nerd. And I was able to see how I am losing money on this hobby of mine. And this week we started really thinking about moving and money (since we want to buy a house) so I spent all last night working on a spreadsheet of our spending. I was able to do January 09 and probably half of 2008. Definitely a chore, but kind of fun. We need more income to supplement our spending, which equals cuts - like my beloved cable tv. sigh! No more Flip this House, no more House Hunters, no more Squawk on the STreet, no more Campbell Brown, no more Little People Big World, no more Movies on Demand....sad. But alas, a girl must make sacrifices. And maybe I will be more productive in the sewing/crafting/reading/cleaning departments. But I hear of this website called hulu where you can watch tv shows on the internet. That may be my new cable replacement.

In other news, my thyroid medication has kicked in and its GREAT! I have energy, I'm not as hungry, and I feel like ME again. yay!!! I'm pretty sure Luke is glad to have me back too.

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