Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday's Random Write-Up

1) Sorry I've been bad at blogging lately. I feel like I dont have anything exciting to say. Plus, I want to post pictures but I always forget to upload them.

2) Two days in a row I've worn clothes I got in high school. Yesterday I wore a fleece skirt (It's my "I dont feel like getting dressed today" outfit). Today I wore a sweater I got either Junior or Senior year. Its a baggy sweater but really warm and cozy. I'll probably wear it until it completely dies. I also found my khaki overalls but alas, I dont think they'll fit me.

3) My mom and dad were in town last weekend so we had family dinner. It was fun. I can't believe my parents had never been to Columbos! Its like a Bozeman institution. My dad remembered that the back half used to be a clothing store and he bought his first pair of Levi's there for like $5.50. He said the front part used to be like a deli or restaurant.

4) When they came, my mom brought me a tub of fabric. YAY! Theres some gray camo that would make a stellar hooter hider. However, I think I'm the only person that would see the irony of a camo hooter hider. Too bad I wont have a kid for several years. I might have to make it and save it. There was also a skirt that I had almost finished and some other random stuff in there. Including a letter from a friend who had moved that had just found me on Facebook the week before.

5) Were getting more and more excited to move. Weve been looking at houses and planning our visit. I applied to be on HGTV "My first home" but I doubt we'll get it. I think we're just a bit too far out of the areas. The best part would be that they decorate a room for you. I could totally go for that!!

6) Im getting really excited to go back to school. I really think I will make a great Marriage & Family Therapist. Im hoping I can mix it with some massage. I am also looking forward to working for myself and setting my own hours. I want to help people and help their marriages and help their families.

7) Its hard at work right now because my boss is interviewing replacement Kelsie's. And shes telling her work colleagues that Im moving. To these business/finance people, saying you're going to be a therapist is like telling them you're moving to the jungle to live with the monkeys. They dont quite get it. I'd appreciate a little less judgement though.

8) This weekend were taking our teen kids from church to Georgetown Lake to my family's cabin. It should be an adventure!!!

9) Luke's office is getting ready to move from 3 blocks from our house to 4 corners. Boo :( I like having him close so that I can swing by or he can swing by or he can come home for lunch. If anyone needs a house/building built, call him!!

10) Impressions Massage special: $5 off from now until 3/15. Thats only $20 per half hour or $40 per hour. New clients only, please.

11) I went to the Founder's Day at my sorority on Sunday. It was kind of fun. It was neat to meet some of the girls, especially Kara, who was my brother Mark's junior ambassador in Sander's county 4-H. She knew my mom and mark well. It was also cool to watch ritual and think about how it hasn't changed in over 100 years. All the alumni and current members have always had the exact same ritual.

12) Saturday I saw two friends from 4-H from when I was a kid. We had a blast reminiscing and talking about what everyone is up to. Sadie and I are planning a sewing date sometime soon.

I'm sure I'll have lots of stories after this weekend...

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