Monday, June 21, 2010

Atlantic Beach

Hey Y'all! We're at the beach. Its right off Emerald Isle. Unfortunately that's not in Ireland, its in North Carolina. But its gorgeous. We have a beach front room and have been swimming a few times. The water is incredibly warm. Its like bathwater. And there's no oil, either. Its a quick vacation before we move back to Montana at the end of the week.

Story: we met a little boy named Daniel who is probably 4. He wanted someone to play with him. ("you might could play with me"). Anyways, he was cute and showed us his sand crabs and stuff. But then we overheard him telling his mom he had to go potty, and he had to pee. She must have told him to pee in the ocean because then he told her he was going to take his pants off, which she advised against. Then he did a funny squat in the waves and we decided it was time to head inside. At this point the water was so high it was pooling under our chairs and umbrella. All that water washing up at our feet was a little too much considering Daniels activity.

Oh, and yesterday I lost my favorite oversized rhinestone sunglasses in the ocean. Sad. But it was probably time to retire them anyways.

More stories/pics later.
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