Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well kids, its back to Montana we go. Yesterday we packed the truck in 90+ degree weather plus humidity, this morning we cleaned the apartment, then said goodbye to our dear friend April, and left Lynchburg in the rearview mirror. Today we've been through West Virginia, Kentucky, and we just crossed the border into Indiana. We have 109 miles to go before we stop for the night. We just watched the sun set in Kentucky, a beautiful pink and orange sky. I wanted to take the exit to Nashville to see Alli, but that's not in the trip planner. Pray for safe travels! Tomorrow we head to Wisconsin.... I've attached a picture from yesterday, Luke pulling the new Dolly with a case of water for our faithful friends who helped us move.
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Allison said...

next time you can come see me! Glad you arrived safely!

Allison said...

Maybe next time you can swing through Nashville. Can't wait to see you!