Monday, June 7, 2010

Pure Chaos!

Remember last year in July when we were trying to pack so that we could move to VA? Yeah, its deja vu around here. Only worse. It seems like the more we pack the more we have left to pack. How does that work? And we finally had to go purchase (gasp!) boxes from uhaul. Paying for boxes feels so wrong. Unfortunately, there haven't been any good boxes to scam from work lately. Sigh. We have too much stuff. And we've sold our dressers, our truck, and were selling my extra massage table and the desk we bought here, not to mention giving away our buffet, bookshelves, and 2 boxes of books. Its almost over! 9 more days of work, 19 days of VA before we leave. That last week were going to the beach for a few days and then packing the truck. Were doing ABF u-pack again. Its great. They drop off the truck, we pack our 8 ft, install a bulkhead, and they fill the rest of the truck with commercial freight and drive it home. Then we can still ride together. Brilliant! And we still don't know where were going to live. But honestly, Im okay with hanging out for a few weeks and enjoying family and friends. Trying to sell my book, starting a novel, and sewing. Oh, and finding a place to live and a job. Can't forget that. We're looking forward to this next phase in our life, and hopefully some stability.

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