Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's Up Wednesday: 6/9/10


1) Only 58 hours of work left (7 days + 2 hours), but who's counting???
2) Only 17 days til we leave the state of Virginia.
3) Can you tell we're excited for the Big Sky State???
4) Sunday is our last day of church. :( Kind of bittersweet. We've met some wonderful people/made some great friends and have enjoyed our time at TTBC, but we're also excited for the adventure that lies ahead.
5) All of the sudden my Massage business is picking up. Go figure! It did that right before we left Bozeman, too.
6) Watching the news on the disaster in the gulf is really depressing. Like Kirsten pointed out, didn't they have a contingency plan??? Fortunately, God is still in control.
7) We're trying to fit in "last" visits with people. Luckily the people here are more on top of it than people at home. We've already had 3 last hurrahs, and have another one tomorrow. Saturday we went to this Chinese place with some friends and completely shut the place down. They pretty much had to kick us out. It was good food, too. We will be very sad to leave Rodney & Lori.
8) We still don't know exactly where in Montana we will be living. We'll stay in Kalispell for awhile, but if we end up in Missoula we might have to couch surf for a few weeks.
9) Our meals have been getting creative, as were trying to use up the food in the fridge/freezer/pantry. Luke made this yummy breakfast bread out of jiffy cornbread mix, bananas, and chocolate chips last weekend, and the other night he made a really yummy marinara chicken thing.
10) Anyone want to buy a desk or massage table?

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