Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Family Fun Night" @ FBC

Tonight, instead of regular activities, we had Family Fun Night at church. All the families decorate gingerbread houses (make from graham crackers), and they are judged in three categories. This year's categories were Most Montana, Best Gingerbread House Theme, and Most Creative. Our "Family" consisted of us, Alicia, and Holly. Alicia and Holly are our age and just fun girls to hang out with! I remember Alicia from growing up. She was from Superior, which isn't too far from Thompson Falls, and we used to play sports against eachother. By "we" I mean our schools, because we all know I dont have an athletic bone in my body. Here are a few pictures of our creation.

We were the unofficial winners. We were judges, so we didn't feel like we could win in good conscience. However, several people told us that we should have won, including one of the other judges. I think the elk antlers were what put us over the edge. However, the logs were also a high point. We were just graham cracker house building fools. Yay for our family!


Husnibaby:My Emancipation said...

wow..that's really nice..and i bet it's delicious..wanna have some..huhu

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