Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Passed my Test!!!

Good news! I passed my national massage exam! I am so thankful. I studied so hard for that test. Its such a relief to be done. I almost dont know what to do with myself now that I dont have to study any more. Luke is pretty happy too, because now he has his wife back.

We had a good thanksgiving in Kalispell with Vicki. It was nice. Very relaxing. We stopped in Thompson Falls on the way to see my parents. Its not exactly on the way, but close enough not to pass up the opportunity. My mom knew we were coming but didnt' tell my dad, so he was very suprised and excited to see us. It was nice to be home for just a few hours. And my mom was happy that I brought back some more stuff. Some clothes and lots of fabric. Luke wasn't happy about that after our black friday shopping because it took up lots of room in the truck and we were running low on room.

We had a blast shopping. We got most of our christmas shopping done. We just have a few more things to get/make. We set up our tree on Sunday and I wrapped some presents so it looks really nice in our house.

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