Monday, December 15, 2008

fricken (below) freezin!

As I type this it is -5 degrees in Bozeman. And that is a balmy -5 compared to like -20 this morning. I had a dentist appt at 7 am and I couldn't get my car to start so I ran the 2.5 blocks to the dentist. I ran not because I was late but because it was so cold out that I didn't want to freeze to the sidewalk if I went too slowly. Then I ran the 2.5 blocks home where luke was able to start my car. The suby doesn't like cold weather, so Im going to start parking her in the garage.

Speaking of the garage, We have new neighbors! Its exciting. Kenny and Katie are about our age and have two little kids. Emily and her friend live below them and are like 18 or 19. This is their first apartment. The amazing thing is that I have everyone trained that I get the spot under the carport. But now I'm going to park in the garage and let kenny and katie take the carport and then luke and emily and her friend can fight for the other three spots. With our old neighbors it was a free for all and if you were lucky you got home first and got to park in the carport. The garage was completely out of the question due to all the junk they had stored in there. Now that I'm the top dog I get to make some rules. Or else I'm just getting major respect. Either way, I dig it. I've lived there long enough for some perks.

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