Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Kindness of Strangers

Last night was a rough night. My car wouldn't start and Luke finally had to come rescue me. He does not get excited about coming to rescue me, mostly because he can alwasy start my car and I can't. I can understand how that would be annoying, having to drive across town to start my car. . .

Anyways, after he got the car started I went to get gas. This was not a good experience. I couldn't get the first pump to work (I think due to operator error) and this old lady in the van behind me was laughing at me. {this is not the "kindness of strangers" part} When its -10 and the person in front of you is obviously having problems, wouldn't it be better to help, rather than laugh? Thanks a lot lady! Then I went to another pump, figured out my operator error, but it was broken. It would only pump like .1 gallons per click. So I asked this guy at the pump next to me to help me. He couldn't figure it out either, so when he was done pumping, he pulled up so I could take his pump, since it worked. Then he waited to make sure it worked for me. Yay for nice strangers in black trucks who are helpful in the below freezing cold. Gold star for him.

Dont worry, my adventure continues to Wall-E world for an oil change. I waited for what seemed like forever, but I made friends with a nice girl in the waiting room. We exchanged cards and she's going to call me about some nutrition supplement thing she sells. Poor thing had been there even longer than I had.

Oh, and later I burnt my thumb making caramel corn and had to sit with my thumb in a bag of frozen peas for like an hour and a half before findnig the ice pack in the freezer and going to bed with it. Needless to say, I did not want to get up this morning. Staying in bed seemed like a much better option.

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