Sunday, August 24, 2008

Alaska Adventures: Part Deux

For the record, we didn't get out of the BZN airport until 2 oclock on friday, the time we should have been arriving in Anchorage. We ended up flying in at 9 oclock Anchorage time (11 oclock bozeman time). Needless to say, we were exhausted! Luckily Luke got us an upgrade to first class for the anchorage flight where we got personal service, blankets, pillows, and mini tv thingys. Luke watched Shark and I watched Juno.

Here is a recap of the adventures.
Friday we got up early and drove to Seward. Its about 2 hour drive. Once we got there we had a behind the scenes tour of the Alaska Sea Life Center. It was hosted by the retired post master. We saw the seals and the holding tanks and the tops of some of the exhibits. It was cool. I LOVE aquariums and zoos. Luke tolerates them for me.

Next was a frantic search for fishing licenses because we managed to forget them at the hotel. LUCKILY, its only $5 for a replacement license. Phew! Then we went to the boat to go fishing. Now, I will say that I wasn't sold on the fishing idea and I was mostly going because Luke wanted to, but I LOVE FISHING!!!! I'm completely addicted. If we cold have gone again today (Saturday), I would have. We were aboard the "Nautigirl" under the direction of catain John. It was a small boat with a little cabin and a little open back part where you fished from. We drove like an hour and a half out of the bay to the ocean where we fished. I had a lucky pink lure-thingy that looked like a fake squid. I hooked one right away but he got away and broke off my lucky pink lure in the process. SAD! Then we got into some serious fishing. It was sooo much fun. Captain John taught us how to measure our line down to 25-30 feet and then you just troll for the fish. I even put my own bait on. Once you feel the fish bite, you jerk your rod up to hook him and then "wind wind wind" as fast as you can to get him up. Captain john grabs him with a rubbery net when it gets close enough. Then they flop around on the deck or he is able to dump them in the fish holder box. Sometimes he had to hit them with a bat because they just kept flopping and floppig and flopping on the deck. There was another woman on board and the first time it was flopping on the deck we kept scooting back because we didn't want to get whacked by it. It was super fun though. I loved it. I ended up catching two 10-12 lb Silver Salmon, and Luke caught one 15 lb silver. He had another like 20 lb-er on the line but it swan under the boat and got caught in another guy's line and broke off. We each lost a few other fish, plus caught two rockfish apiece. Rock fish are pretty much the ugliest fish ever, but according to Captain John, some of the best eating. On the trip back into the dock there was serious weather and it felt like we were on a super long carnival rid. We were airborn several times. Once we got back we hung up all our fish, took our pictures, then Captain John cut them up and we brought them to Captain Jack's fish packing for packing and shipping back home. We ended up fedexing back 21 lbs of fish. yikes! I hope it all fits in our freezer. Then we trekked back to Anchorage, stopping in Girdwood for dinner at Chair 5, which was kind of a ripoff. It was very Whitefish/Bigfork/old Bozeman type.

Today, saturday, we slept really late (10:38 ish) and then walked to the open air market, but we were kind of cranky from not having eaten yet and we didn't find anything good to eat so we walked to the mall and found a coffee/smoothie place. Then we went to a few souvenir shops, had lunch at the hotel, and I took a nap while Luke went to pick up Dustin and help him get dressed. The wedding was soo wonderful. It was at this beautiful spot with a lake and huge picture windows. The ceremony was outside and it rained, but not too badly. Then we came back inside and had some hors d'ouvres and punch and stuff and danced a bit (luke danced! shocker!) and took pictures in a photo booth (I'll paste later) and just had a good time. Hally looked gorgeous and Dustin didn't look too shabby either.

Tomorrow our plane leaves at like 8:30. Hopefully we won't be holding tours of the Anchorage airport.

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