Sunday, August 17, 2008

Feeling like a million bucks!

Well, Im sure all two of my readers are on edge waiting to see how my procedure went. I passed with flying colors. And valium is my new BFF. Just kidding! It sure helped with the anxiety though. Luke said I was really loud and talkative. I didn't think I was being loud and talkative though. I just felt like I was a bit unstable - kind of a tipsy feeling. We saw some friends of ours there (getting a checkup from her C-section with their new baby) and apparently I announced to them AND the waiting room that I was getting my cervix electrocuted. Or tasered, as alli says.In my defense, there were like two other people in the waiting room, maybe. Anyways, it all went really well. I haven't had any pain, or bleeding, which is good. Besides being extremely tired Wednesday and Thursday, I was a champ. Prayer really does make a difference!! I feel really good now too. I feel like I have more energy since the mini operation. Life is good!

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