Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Loss of a pet.

Monday was a sad day in the Eggensperger household. Our beloved cat, Hayley, was put to sleep. I got hayley for my 10th birthday. She was the runt of the litter, from the barn cat of a lady that worked for my parents. I named her Hayley because she smelled like Hay. (This makes sense in the world of a 4th grader.) She was a good kitty. In fact, she was hardly ever called her real name, only "kitty." She even survived one of my brothers sticking her in the microwave once. Luckily he didn't turn it on. As she got older she got more angry and really only loved my parents. Scott and Mark pretty much hated her. She got epilepsy in her old age and my parents had to give her special medication so she wouldn't have seizures. My mom took her to the vet on Monday because she had lost feeling in her back end and the vet (a friend of ours) suggested we put her down. My mom agreed because she didn't want to drag out her life when she was miserable. Poor kitty. I happened to call home on Monday after work and Scott answered the phone. Bad idea. Do you think he was caring and gentle when he told me the cat died? No. He told me first thing that "mom gave the cat the electric chair." Me: What? Scott: "She electrocuted the cat." Hes so mean. And a smart aleck. My poor mom is crying and scotts asking her if they put a little band around her head and if mom got to look through a little window at her. Hes so heartless sometimes. Alli said every time she goes home her brother tells her to say good-bye to the cat. I asked her why we got stuck with punk brothers. We have no idea.

Anyways, good bye Kitty. We'll miss you.

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