Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bozeman Airport.... Part 2

Well... We are still here at the airport so we might as well update y'all on the status. We are now leaving for Seattle at 12:37pm. Hopefully that will be the last flight change... There is not much to do in the airport, so I have been on the phone with Shea Homes and our friend Tammy Hampton and the kids Trevor, Tyler, and Colby are coming for a visit! Kelsie decided to take some pictures with our new camera in the airport so I thought we might as well post some photos!

If anyone wants a tour of the airport we are here and ready to be your guides so stop by our hours of operation are currently from 10:20am to Noon (we need time to board the plane). We will return Sunday at 5:10pm and will be open from 5:10pm to 5:30pm then we are closed for the season...

Enjoy the pictures.



Liz said...

Aw dang! It looks like I missed the tour today! Well, maybe sunday, haha! Have fun in Alaska you two! Love you!

Aaron, Sara and Luke said...

Too much fun! Just glad it wasn't me. Have fun at the wedding!