Thursday, August 21, 2008

The amazing wonder that is the Bozeman airport

Its 8:13 and we're sitting in the Bozeman airport. Weve been here since 6:30. Our flight was supposed to leave at 7:55 but some yay-hoo in Butte forgot to plug in the airplane, so apparently the battery has to be plugged in to charge for a few hours before the plane can come get us. Luke told the ticket agent that it's my grandmas fault, since she lives in Butte. The agent laughed and got us upgraded to 1st class for our flight to Anchorage (from Seattle). As of now the BZN->SEA flight isn't scheduled to leave until 12:30. That will be 6 hours in the Bozeman airport. I dont know how many of you have been to the Bozeman airport, but it looks the same as it did when Luke was a kid. And there's nothing to do. At least in Seattle there are shops and restaurnts. We only have a Montana gift shop and a restaurant, which we've already eaten at. Oh yawn! I tried to take a nap, but it messed up my hair. And there's horrible elevator music playing above our heads. sick. Earlier they played the Police "every breath I take" via elevator music. Lovely. So, if anyone out there is reading this and is in Bozeman, come visit us. Were sitting behind the giant Grizzly bear. And we'll be here for like another 4 hours.

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