Sunday, August 24, 2008

Flight Canceled....

We for thouse of you who have been keeping up with our airport adventures. We are currently stuck in the Anchorage Airport until about 2:30. Our flight at a 8:30am was canceled because of no flight crew. The 2:30 flight was the first flight that they could get us on so now we get home at 11:40pm Montana time. Which for this trip is par for the course.

I have to say that we had a lot of fun here in Alaska and we wouldn't have changed a thing. God is teaching us patience... We had a really sweet rebooking lady who bent the rules and put is in first class because of all the hassle and we are enjoying the comfort of the boardroom in Anchorage while we wait.

We would be happy to conduct tours of airport as we know our way around... Just give us a shout.

We'll post more pictures today or tomrrow of our adventures.


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