Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils

I love back to school. Theres just something about all the new clothes and new school supplies that is exciting! Im not going back to school (Thank GOD!) but when I was in Staples yesterday I was excited for all the fun new school supplies. Things have gotten so much cooler than when I was growing up. Its not just boring blue and black spiral notebooks and #2 pencils anymore. Theres all these FUN colored notebooks, folders, binders, pens, pencils, markers, clippies, paperclips, post-its... It makes me want to get an office makeover. I think this little fetish of mine comes from when I was little and I used to go to Kalispell with my dad to print the newspaper. We always went to Blake's office supplies, where there was an ENTIRE ROW of every pen/marker/pencil you could imagine. My dad would always let me pick one out. It was usually pink or purple (big surprise, huh?). Maybe Luke will get a Kelsie-style school supply makeover. I's sure he'd love it!

I was talking my friend Joanne yesterday, whom I grew up with. Her son is starting kindergarten this year. Can you imagine that someone my age can have a kindergartener? I can't even imagine having a baby at this point, let alone a kindergartener!! Its hard to believe!

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