Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday: the NEW Friday

I think I said that my boss decided to take Fridays off during the month of August. Which is pretty exciting. Last Friday I was super productive cleaning and such. So now Thursdays are like Fridays because its the last day of the work week. YAY! We have a big weekend planned. Were going to a friend's house for dinner tonight, and then driving to Kalispell tomorrow to see Luke's mom. Were stopping in Butte hopefully for a few minutes to say hi to my 89 year old Grandma. Then we have eye appointments and hopefully a lunch date in Missoula. Then its off to Kalispell. There's some talk of hiking in Glacier, which could be cool. I'll try to take lots of pictures! We borrowed some books on cd from the library the other night, so hopefully that keeps me entertained. I tend to have a very short attention span in the car. However, in marriage class we've been discussing how women like face-to-face contact and men like shoulder-to-shoulder contact. They dont even need to be talking, just sitting together. Or for instance if Luke was working on the car I could be outside painting my nails or something but not neccesarily talking. So Im giong to try to log some serious shoulder-to-shoulder time in the car this weekend. Its always nice to take a break from life here and just spend time together and a weekend away, even if its with our families.

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