Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Secret life of the American Newlywed...

Okay, I'll admit it. Were addicted to the Secret Life of the American Teenager. LOVE IT! How do I always find these shows about high schoolers? Im such a nerd. But we always watch it. Last night we watched last week's AND this week's. So fun. Its kind of like a soap opera, in that not much happens. Its very slow to evolve. But very good. We love it. Luke thinks it should be a movie. So, will Amy and the sausage prince get married? Will the dad come back? What kind of shenanigans will Ashley get in to? We dont know! Can't wait for next week!

My massage business has doubled. Ha ha. In the sense that I had two clients last week and two clients this week, in contrast to the usual one/week. But hey, thats great! Im not complaining. Im thinking one of these days I should actually pay myself.

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