Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time flies

I can't believe that TOMORROW we leave for Alaska. Weve been planning the trip to see Dustin and Hally get married for probably over 6 months and its finally here. yikes! I've been so consumed with my cervix that I haven't really thought about it. Yesterday we bought rain ponchos at target for the fishing expedition. Its only a half day. Hopefully we catch a lot and can have a little fish feed when we get back. Luke is soo excited to go fishing. Me, not as much, I haven't been fishing in probably 17 years. But as the adage goes..."When in rome, do as the romans do." So I guess being in Alaska equals fishing. And were going to go to a sweet aquarium. That should be cool. And we just got a new camera so there will be lots of pictures to post. And Alaska is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous, so Im sure that will help too!

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