Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Luke!

Today is a special day in Frazierville. Luke is 26 today! yay! This weekend we had a little surprise trip to Fairmont to celebrate (a surprise for Luke - I planned it), and dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, the Uptown Cafe. Its amazing. You get soup, bread, salad, clams maison (which I always wonder if they are in real clam shells, or just special cooking shells), the main course, plus we usually get dessert. We had chocolate mousse this time and it was delish! Swimming at Fairmont was wonderful except it started sleeting, which wasn't that much fun. Sunday night/Monday morning it snowed. So there we are at Fairmont, no sweatshirts or coats, with snow on the ground, and luke in flip flops. So we made a little stop at the Butte Plaza mall for a hoodie and a fleece. Then it was lunch with grandma, and home to clean and do homework. Plus I made chocolate chip banana bread. yummy! Last night we watched I want someone to eat cheese with. It was stupid, I wouldn't recommend it. And tonight we'll have dinner with Okey and Bob. If you want to wish luke a happy birthday, call him at 406-240-3432, or email him at luke.frazier@gmail.com.

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