Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This weekend was crazy! Luke's Dad's cousin (Joann) and her daughter (Terri) were here visiting from Kansas. We got to spend some time with them on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. And Luke's mom Vicki was here on Saturday afternoon and Sunday to visit as well. We had a full (& clean:)) house. We were able to show Joann and Terri the Gallatin Gateway Inn and pictures from our wedding, so it was almost like they were there. It was nice to just visit with them.

Sunday evening luke went to a friend's house to visit with the visiting Pastor, Jerry Thorpe, and I went to Helena to see my friend Theresa & Jon. I had a doctor's appointment Monday, so I like to go up and stay with them on Sunday night. It was soo good to see Tree. And her baby bump! They are having little Caleb Steven on February 4, 2009. I'm so excited for them! She is an adorable expecting mommy.

My doctors appt went very well. I'm doing great and won't need to go back until March. yay!

Also, I baked a pie last night. well, I made the pie (rhubarb from Ralph & Lynn's garden) last night and baked it this morning. I'll have to take a picture to post. I hope its yummy!

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