Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Easy Date

Last night after Luke made me dinner (SALMON from our fishing expedition) we went to Costco. It was almost like date night. Thats how boring we are! A trip to costco is exciting. But seriously, costco is fun! There's always fun things we can look at but not really afford. Like a fake fireplace with a heater in it for $600. And a treadmill for $800. And a rainshower shower head for $50. None of which we need, but all of which would be nice to have. We went with the intention of buying three things - CQ 10, protein bars, and frozen chicken breasts. We came out with those things, plus 2 books (for me), a season of One Tree Hill (for Luke), a 3-CD pack (for my massage business) and a desire for many other things. Like clothes! And a 37" TV! and cute baby stuff! And a 5 lb jar of mustard! (just kidding!)

On the way home we saw the moon sitting right on top of the mountain. It was so amazing. It looked literally like it was just sitting on top of the mountain. I have never seen it look so huge. I wish I would have had the camera to take a picture. Or even my phone.

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