Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ack! Im slacking!

Okay, so Im a huge slacker and haven't written since Friday. Sorry. Here's a weekend update:

I went to Billings to hear Beth Moore speak. It was really good and I'm very glad I went. My friend Tammy and I stayed with Lizzie, which was a blast. Its always good to see Lizzie. I miss her! We got to see the new house, which always has something new happening that is causing drama. Read her blog (link in the lower righthand side of ours). Apparently remodeling=drama. Heres a picture to honor lizzie, even though its from the wedding. Tammy and I also made fun of people dancing in the aisle, which probably wasn't very nice, but it was really funny.

While I was gone, Luke (the amazing husband that he is) cleaned the house and did laundry. It was like the best treat ever. Hes more of a deep cleaner than I am. And he finds places for things to go, whereas I just kind of stick them places where I can't see them so I don't know that they're not put away. But I know where everything is. And I vacuum around things, whereas luke will actually move them. But it was such a nice treat to come home to. And he let me nap almost all afternoon on sunday so that I wasn't cranky. Sunday night we had Okey and Bob over for dinner, which was nice. It was a fun adventure of "what can we make in the crock pot that we won't have to go to the store to get ingredients for?" Besides having to borrow a stick of butter from our neighbor, Andi, it went well.

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Liz said...

Nice picture ;-)! We are going to have to take some pictures the next time we get together, that way we can have some more current ones! I can't believe its been like 9 months since you've gotten married! Crazy cool!